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Imagine landing in Medellín, Colombia, you exit the plane, get your data SIM card and jump in a taxi. While driving you open and join #medellin on your phone, you ask what's the best place to stay and where it's located. You show the driver the address from the chat. You check in to your hotel and ask the chat what's the best place to do some work. Then after finishing your work, you ask if anyone other nomads are up for a meet up. At the end of the night, you've met new people, both nomads and locals, and you feel a little bit more home in your new (temporary) destination. That's one of the daily use-cases for many people in . Let's , together!

Run by digital nomads

Being a digital nomad is awesome. But it's also a very individualistic lifestyle. We need people around us in the same boat to share the good stuff and the bad stuff with. Since sometimes, life on the road can get a bit lonely and confusing.

And if you're not a digital nomad yet, it can be pretty hard to understand how to go about doing this. And scary! It can help to talk to people that are doing it right now to make you feel a little more certain about what you're about to experience.

As a member, you get access to our chat community on Slack and our our Q&A site, Nomad Forum, together these let you connect with fellow digital nomads, meet up and exchange information on working remotely from different cities in the world. Such as the best places to work in a city, where the fastest WiFi is and how to rent an apartment without getting scammed. It's a real-time interactive source of information for digital nomads.

You also get invites to all our meetups, as well as future benefits at coworking spaces around the world (we're working on that now!).

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Our community has now organized meetups in BerlinMontrealChiang MaiBaliKuala LumpurManila, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco

"I gave my two weeks notice last week, and I'm flying to Portugal in two weeks. It's important to say (for the ninth time) that joining this channel was the best decision I made to best inform and prepare myself for this decision. So thank you a million times over, @levelsio."

"My wife and I are in Buenos Aires right now. Starting this whole nomad thing felt 100x easier once I joined this group and saw other people just... doing it. so, thanks."

"Travelling solo whilst running a business can be really daunting. #nomads has been incredibly helpful in tackling this. I’ve used it to find out invaluable information about the destinations I’m heading to and form friendships with like-minded travellers and entrepreneurs. This has meant that wherever I travel to, there’s always people ready to meet me and make me feel at home when I arrive."

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